Slander and vilification in cyberspace

Maya Ranganathan’s piece The unethical space is about to the increasing trend of people using the web to slander and vilify others. This is not a new concern but Ms. Ranganathan’s piece is interesting because she looks at it the media angle.


A young freelance online journalist, poet and blogger writing under a pseudonym on Sri Lankan Tamil affairs said he continues unfazed despite doubts having been raised about his sexuality online. Not only was an article published about him online but also a picture taken at a wedding reception he attended reproduced to put a face to the name so he could be easily identified by the readers. But not many have the courage to continue. Infamy breeds like rabbits in cyberspace. And as what is on cyberspace, at least technically, remains for all to see for ever and ever, for the not-so-strong hearted it can indeed be a debilitating experience.

Read the full piece.


Your thoughts?

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