Strand’s Annual Book Festival (2008)

The good people at Strand emailed me today about Strand’s annual book festival (2008) edition. This is the 60th Anniversary of the festival. Wow.

Here are the details.

At Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium

Fri 12 – Sun 28 Dec

Discounts 20 – 80% !!

10.00 – 8.30pm (incl. 3 Sundays)

(Halls thru gate 17, 18, on Link Rd.)

Ample parking on Link Rd

There’s also a “Special inauguration by Nandan Nilekani on Fri 12th from 1.30 – 2.30pm” and you can “meet the author, get your signed copy of Imagining India”, presumably after the session. (Festival begins as usual at 10am on Fri 12th)

If you have not been to the SBF and like books, make time and you’re likely to find a few good deals. It’s on for 3 weekends, so there’s ample time to make it.

I can’t wait to find out what books I’ll find this year.


2 thoughts on “Strand’s Annual Book Festival (2008)

  1. Any good finds? Wasn’t impressed this time around. Was extremely crowded, and it was impossible stand or walk without getting bumped into.

  2. I found one book that I’d been looking for a while and two more that I picked up. I was a tad disappointed though because I usually find more books but I’m still glad I went.

    I went on a weekday, so it wasn’t that crowded. The walking lanes are pretty narrow, so I imagine it would be tough when it’s crowded. If you can get a chance to go on a weekday morning or afternoon, it’s far better.

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