Signing at the back of credit cards

When a bank sends you a new credit card or debit card, they ask you to sign at the back of the card to avoid misuse. (The efficacy of this precaution in avoiding misuse is debatable but that’s another topic.) If you turn the back of the card, you’re presented with a narrow strip of paper on which you’re supposed to put your signature.

In my experience, the strip of paper is too narrow and is almost always glossy or slippery. By the latter, I mean that the pen slides across and doesn’t give you much purchase. So, your signature ends up not looking like your signature which defeats the purpose of signing the card. Also, since the strip is narrow, you can end up writing on the card’s plastic or if you have a flourishing signature, on the magnetic strip–not a good thing either way.

I realize that there are space constraints which prevent the card companies from giving us more space. They can, however, give us a different kind of paper to sign on, one which will give us better pen-purchase.

Too bad I don’t have that kind of paper with the card I just received.


Your thoughts?

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