Kitchen Confidential

If you enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s TV show No Reservations, Kitchen Confidential is a book that you must-read. For those unfamiliar with Bourdain, he’s a chef, a writer, and the host of a popular TV show. His TV show sees him travelling around the world, usually eating at least one stomach-churning food, providing loads of entertaining sarcasm, and the episodes are fun to watch.

His book, Kitchen Confidential, is not about his TV life but about his life as a chef. Bourdain starts from his childhood and how he got interested in eating and then in cooking. The book chronicles his life in the kitchen and features interesting anecdotes about working in restaurants and about the restaurant business. (Anyone thinking about getting into the restaurant business should read this book.)

What gives the book its power is it’s unflinching look at the business of cooking and serving food, and its pace, which almost pulls you through the book. Bourdain writes almost in the same way that he speaks and the result is that you can almost hear the inflections in his voice when you read the book. At least, that’s the way it sounded in my head.

I couldn’t put the book down but I must mention that I am a fan of Bourdain’s show and I enjoy his brand of edgy humour and his passion for food.


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