A well-designed shopping trolley

The Spar supermarket, located in the Oasis mall in Bangalore, has a really nice trolley that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. It’s red, is made of plastic, and has a sleek shape. In its skeletal form, the trolley has no baskets but just two “receptacles” (for lack of a better word) for shopping baskets.

You can “fit” two shopping baskets onto the skeleton to make it a trolley; one slides in near the bottom of the trolley and the other is “fixed” at the top of the trolley through two small supports that holes in the basket slide into. The shape of the trolley indicates how you should position the basket at the bottom of the trolley’s skeleton.

The resulting trolley is light and moves smoothly–you can even move it with one hand. (I wonder if the designers figured that some parents may have kids tagging along and might have only one hand free.) The trolley also does not take up as much space as a regular trolley which is a good thing in supermarkets, especially on weekends. The trolley skeletons also stack together nicely and don’t occupy a lot of space.

The amount of stuff you can carry in the trolley is limited, of course, to two baskets, so people doing tons of shopping may find that restrictive. I didn’t. The only negative about this trolley is that sometimes it’s veers a bit off-course when you’re doing the one-hand controlling–not a major issue but an irritant nonetheless.

After using heavy, metal trolleys in supermarkets, some of which just refuse to go in the direction you want them to, this trolley is a welcome change. I don’t know who designed the trolley but the first time I saw it, I was reminded of IDEO and its trolley design story. The trolley in Spar looks quite different but IDEO’s designs are not a bad standard to aspire to anyway.

If you get a chance to go to the Oasis mall and like seeing good designs, check out the trolley at Spar. And while you’re there, you can even shop for groceries or something.


2 thoughts on “A well-designed shopping trolley

  1. i am student at kgarisechele senior we are working on a project so i am planing to make trolley so i was wondering if you can give me tips on how to make it.

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