The terrible secret of the cove

Who killed Flipper? by Andrew O’Hehir (for is an article about the documentary “The Cove” and an interview with the filmmakers. The documentary is how dolphins are captured and sold to aquariums, and about what happens to the dolphins that are captured but not exported.

As O’Barry had known for years, the dolphins not picked for export were being slaughtered by the thousands, butchered and sold for meat in Japanese markets (often falsely labeled as another kind of seafood). From his perspective, this was a senseless massacre perpetrated against a highly intelligent, self-aware species. It was also a potential crime against humanity. As predators at the top of the food chain, dolphins are the unhappy recipients of the worst heavy-metal pollution in the world’s oceans. Dolphin meat that was being routinely fed to Japanese schoolchildren, for instance, tested many times — sometimes hundreds of times — above the legal limit for mercury.

I’ve never seen a dolphin show in person but I’ve seen shows on TV and I probably would’ve gone for a show if I had a chance. No chance of doing that now.

Read the article, it’s a well-written review cum interview piece. I hope that I can get my hands on the DVD when it’s released.


Your thoughts?

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