How Starbucks saved my life

Michael Gates Gill’s book How Starbucks saved my life is the story of a high-flying ad executive who first loses his job and then suffers the loss of his consulting firm. To make matters worse, he’s got no health insurance when he’s diagnosed with a tumour in the brain. As a middle-aged man who’s essentially broke, he is offered a lifeline in the form of a job at Starbucks. The book is about how the job at Starbucks allows him to get back on track.

How Starbucks saved my life has anecdotes of Gill’s job at Starbucks interspersed with events from the past. The anecdotes are interesting but sometimes you feel that Gill tends to get sidetracked. That’s my main complaint with the book–it could’ve been made much tighter and more enjoyable.

The book is an enjoyable read though and I finished it pretty quickly. The New York Times had a nice interview-article with the author in which you learn some surprising things that weren’t mentioned in the book.


Your thoughts?

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