Why post-its still rule

Why Computers Can’t Kill Post-Its is a really interesting article by Lee Gomes, based on a study by MIT, on why people tend to use the low-tech post-its over other high-tech alternatives.

“…one volunteer subject “would write notes on Post-its and stick them to his cellular phone to transfer into Outlook later rather than enter the data directly into his smart phone, even though the phone supported note synchronization.

When asked why not enter the note digitally in the first place, he responded, ‘Starting in Outlook forces me to make a type assignment, assign a category, set a deadline, and more; that takes too much work!’

The article shows that usability and simplicity has an important role to play in technology. Obviously, there’s only so much you can do with low-tech solutions (post-its, notebooks), and you can do much more with advanced technology, but sometimes the lack of usability or having unnecessary complexity can be a stumbling block to users.

(Here’s the article link again)


Your thoughts?

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