Help, our culture is being spoiled

The footage of the attack on the pub in Mangalore was sickening to watch because of the indiscriminate way in which the supposed custodians of Indian culture, Sri Ram Sena (SRS), roughed up women, slapped them, and even called them prostitutes. (The one image that I won’t forget anytime soon is of a girl being thrown face-down on to the floor.)

Apparently, according to the latest flavour of moral policemen, in the Indian culture, violence against women is absolutely acceptable. How else would you teach these “culture-less women” a lesson?

And, let’s not forget that there were lessons to be taught. These women were hanging out with guys (some of whom may have been members of a different religion), they were in a pub, they may have been drinking, they might have been dancing, they were wearing “indecent” clothes, etc. You have to wonder what were these women thinking.

They should know that guys can go to pubs, wear what they like, hang out with whomever they like (as long as its with people of the same religion), dance, etc. The moron police just don’t want women to be able to do these things. After all this is the 21st century, it’s not like women are equal to men or something. Seriously, get real.

And, what does Karnataka’s chief minister think of this incident?

…the Chief Minister said “obscene dance” would not be allowed in night clubs, be it in Bangalore or anywhere else in the State.

“We have no objection if people engage in activities without being disrespectful to the civilised culture and ethos of the land. Otherwise, we will take strict action against them,” he said.

Just as it happened with the Church attacks, an attempt is being made to indirectly justify the attack. The implication is that if the people in the pub had not engaged in “obscene dance” or whatever else, then this would not have happened.

But that’s not the bloody issue is it? The issue is that violence was used yet again by a group of imbeciles, this time under the guise of moral policing and protecting the Indian culture. That is just not acceptable in a free, democratic society.

In a free society, you are free to do what you want within the bounds of the law. And, if the law is broken, we have the police and the judiciary to take care of those matters. Anyone taking the law into his or her own hands should be punished and people who justify such actions deserve our ridicule. (Our politicians should stick to “good governance” and people worry about culture and morals.)

And, for heaven’s sake, the Indian culture does not need protecting–it has survived for thousands of years without too many problems. India does not need pea-brained assholes, like the ones from the SRS, to protect its culture.

So, to the men who were responsible for this incident, why don’t you take your views about culture and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

P.S.: Here’s Deccan Herald editorial on the issue.


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