NDTV gets schooled on how the Interwebs work

I somehow completely missed this development in the blogging world. I came to know about it just now, only after I read this post from Mridu.

Long story short: Chyetanya Kunte writes a post (scroll down to read) about NDTV’s coverage of the Mumbai 26 November terrorist attacks, specifically about Barkha Dutt’s reportage. Ms. Dutt and NDTV do not like his post very much and their lawyers threaten to sue. Kunte posts an unconditional withdrawal. The blogosphere gets a hold of the story and the story goes “bacterial”*.

Brief theoretical interlude: The 5th law of blogging states that blogging about a particular topic is multiplied n-fold (n > 1000) when there’s even a whiff of controversy.

So, the best thing to do would’ve been to ignore the blogger or for NDTV to post a rebuttal. By doing what NDTV did, they’re going to get a great deal of negative publicity, they’ve come out looking like the bad guys, and they’ve ensured that more people will hear about this story. Not exactly the thing they’re hoping for I’m sure. Remember the 5th law of blogging.

If you want a better summary, Prem Panicker’s When ‘free speech’ bears a price tag is a nice, balanced take on the situation.

* — I’m sick of viruses being given credit for everything.


One thought on “NDTV gets schooled on how the Interwebs work

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