This time it’s a legislator’s daughter

Today’s Deccan Herald had this news item on its front page: Legislator’s daughter abducted, released:

As Shruthi and Shabeeb were sitting together in the bus, someone allegedly informed the Hindu groups in Mangalore. When the bus reached Pumpwell near the city, four youths boarded the bus.

They stopped the bus about 200 metres before the next stop (Kankanady), dragged Shruthi and Shabeeb out of the bus and bundled them into an autorickshaw which was reportedly waiting for them.

They took Shruthi and Shabeeb to a house somewhere near Padil and reportedly beat them up. Around 6 pm, Shruthi was released. She took an autorickshaw and went to the house of her father’s friend in Bejai and informed Kunhabbu. However, Shabeeb was released only at night, it is learnt.

Why did this happen? Apparently, because the Hindu girl was sitting with and talking to the Mulsim boy. (Shah Rukh and Gauri, you’re next.) This is ridiculous: you can’t have people being attacked for mixing with people of another religion.

Karnataka’s chief minister blames Congress, JDS for Mangalore incident

“Keeping in mind the coming Lok Sabha elections in the state, the opposition Congress and JDS have hatched a conspiracy to bring a bad name to my government as they are unable to digest its popularity,” Yeddyurappa,who is in Nagpur to attend the BJP’s National Executive, said over phone.

Describing the episode as a “minor incident”, Yeddyurappa hit out at Union Ministers for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury, for her comments that there was a ‘breakdown’ of law and order in Karnataka.

I’m so tired of this politicisation of every incident. Really, whatever party is to blame for this, they should be punished. There’s no place for these sorts of incidents in our society. Also, would the CM have called this a minor incident if, say, one of his family members was subject to such a treatment by goondas?

I’m just wondering.


Your thoughts?

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