What’s happiness got to do with cancer

What My Mom’s Battle with Cancer Taught Me About Happiness is an article by Wendy Call, originally published in YES! Magazine. The article is about the way her mother reacted to the news that she had terminal cancer and how she lived her life despite the cancer.

Nothing in my mother’s medical or family history had prepared us for her sudden diagnosis: terminal pancreatic cancer. On the day we learned her prognosis, my mother, father, and I sat alone in a hospital examination room, the doctor having left for his next appointment. The ruinous news replaced all the oxygen in the small space as my mind spun forward: How could my mother’s life be ending? My father shook his head and sobbed, repeating, “Why us? Why does this have to happen to us?” My mother, canny and practical to her German-Lutheran-Midwestern core, simply patted his knee. “Now, these things have to happen to someone.” She never suffered the delusion that bad things only befell other people.

While my father and I struggled to accept the situation, my mother made a list of things she wanted to do: ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, stay in North Carolina’s fanciest mountain inn, fly cross-country to visit my home in Seattle, and finish a thousand-piece handmade quilt.

It is an inspiring and uplifting article and you should go and read it. (Article link again.)


Your thoughts?

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