Would you have dinner with a stranger?

Franke James, “an author, artist, photographer and writer”, received an email from a stranger in which he told her that he’d donate $200 to a charity of her choice if she had him and a friend over for a (vegetarian) dinner. Did she do it? How did it turn out?

Read the full, fascinating graphic-story Dinner with a stranger to find out. (via Jason Kottke)


2 thoughts on “Would you have dinner with a stranger?

  1. P.A.

    Thank you! How cool is this — that by accepting the dinner with a stranger I connect with YOU, a creative writer and trainer in Bangalore, India. Nice to meet you, virtually!

    My response to your blog name “Thinking without the box” is that I like to color outside the lines. I got yelled at by my teacher in Grade 3 for doing it — but thankfully it didn’t dissuade me — and today that attitude lets me have a lot fun with my visual essays. Glad you enjoyed Dinner with a Stranger.

    Cheers and thanks from Canada.

    Franke James

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