On the causes of alcoholism

I’d been meaning to post this the day I saw the news item but I’m a couple of days late. This was really an extraordinary article in Tuesday’s Deccan Herald. First an excerpt and then I’ll summarize but you really should read the full article:

A report by the Central Government sent to the state, says that 85 per cent of the teachers are addicted to alcohol or drugs, said Minister for Higher Education Aravind Limbavali.

His main points are as follows:

  • The teachers are so addicted to alcohol and drugs they can’t teach children to stay away.
  • Western culture is to blame for the rise in drinking.
  • The software industry is to blame for rise of drug taking by youth who are “influenced by the culture” at these companies.
  • More educated professionals are taking to terrorism.

Not to be outdone, Rajya Sabha member P Rama Jois:

recommended banning the consumption of alcohol to avoid incidents like the Mangalore pub incident. He condemned the Sri Rama Sene for the attacks, but said that it not right to support the pub culture.

I hope you had a good laugh.

I would like to see that Central Government report though. 85%? I wonder if they include chewing paan, smoking cigarettes, eating supari, etc. as addictions because it’s hard to believe such a figure. That’s basically more than 3 out of 4 teachers who are addicted.

It gives the term “higher education” a new meaning. (Article link)


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