If you haven’t registered to vote yet…

Now would be a good time. This Citizen Matters article has the low down on how to register to vote. Hurry, time’s running out.

Update 6:25 pm (same day)
According to this article, the deadline has expired.

The provision to fill application under Form 6 to include names in voters’ list has been stopped from April 16 till the completion of the election process, said B.S. Ramprasad, District Electoral Officer of the BBMP Electoral District.

I guess you can still get your voter ID cards if you are already registered.

Update 12:25 pm (23 Mar 2009)
Today’s Deccan Herald has a different story to tell.

If the name is not included yet, can it be done now?

Yes. People residing in 17 Parliamentary constituencies in the State, in which elections will be held on April 23, should submit their applications for inclusion by March 25.

Those citizens residing in the remaining 11 parliamentary constituencies, in which elections will be held on April 30, should submit their application by March 30.

P.S. 1: This blog post by Deepa Mohan gives you a first hand account and some tips about the registration process.

P.S. 2: I had written earlier about how to register in Bengaluru.


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