The Black Swan

After reading Fooled by Randomness (FBR), I was impressed with Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I also knew that The Black Swan (TBS) wouldn’t be easy reading, not because he writes badly but because he’ll make you pause and ponder what you’re reading.

So when I picked up The Black Swan, I knew that the book wouldn’t be easy. (You can check out Amazon (prev. link) for a detailed review of the book.)

It wasn’t but am I glad that I read it. After I finished the book, I felt like re-reading it to make sure that I picked up all the concepts that he wrote about in the book. Some of the stuff that Taleb presents in the book is fascinating. He goes after economists (as well a few other groups) in this book and the irreverence may put you off but don’t let it. It is worth reading this book at least once. Taleb’s sense of humour is also intact and it is a welcome addition to a book about a serious, almost scholarly topic.

I read somewhere that Taleb’s writing another book and it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with next. His analytical ability is really something.


Your thoughts?

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