Liar, liar, face on fire

A fascinating article titled Lie Detection (by Mark Williams for MIT’s Technology Review) sheds light on the science of micro-expressions. You know sometimes when people tell you something and you’re able to figure out that they’re not telling the truth–you’re probably reading micro-expressions. An excerpt:

In the late 1960s, Paul Ekman–then a young psychology professor at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine and just commencing his life’s work–filled a San Francisco Victorian with a library of films showing 40 psychiatric patients’ faces as they were interviewed. Ekman, who is now a leading figure in his profession, wanted to know whether he could isolate facial expressions to help diagnose mental disorders. A woman named Mary, who had attempted suicide three times before, smiled and spoke cheerily on her tape. As it happened, she was angling for a weekend pass–so that she could go home and kill herself.

You can even go to the Micro Expressions Training Tool website to learn “how to improve your ability to read micro-expressions”. But, before you do that, do check out the article (link)


Your thoughts?

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