The Reader

I watched The Reader a while back but somehow I neglected to tell the 3 people who read this blog about the movie. In case you haven’t heard about the movie, read the IMDB review (see link above) which is well-written. This is the movie for which Kate Winslet won an Oscar for Best Actress.

The movie was an interesting take on a complex situation: an affair between a young teenage boy and an older woman and how it affects their lives. It is a serious movie but the suspense is always maintained and that keeps you always wondering what’s going to happen. The performances from the actors playing the central characters were fabulous.

The Reader is intriguing because it forces you to think about what love really is and about what’s right and what’s wrong. Through a compelling story, it drives home the point that human emotions and actions are incredibly complicated and that can’t really be sure about how we would act unless we are really put in a particular situation.

PS: Roger Ebert’s review is worth reading as well. Be warned that it has a lot more details about the movie’s story line.


2 thoughts on “The Reader

  1. Percy- Hahaha…3 people…:) Maybe I am the 4th…I do read your blog fairly regularly…started recently…but I’m sure the audience is way more than 3!
    I do enjoy your take on this and that, esp things happenning in and around Bangalore…I had an observation though- you restrict the content to mostly reviews and opinions on things like music, movies, events, etc…but stay away from general life experiences, etc….which I think would also make for interesting reading…what say?

    In any case, I do enjoy reading your posts..and also like the handpicked links section….

    Hope all is going well….

  2. Okay, so it’s four people then! Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog and the links–at least one other person enjoys the links, so that’s two :-).

    I’ll think about your suggestion; I’m just not sure if my life experiences would be interesting reading. We’ll see.

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