Defining common sense

The following quote Use common sense: Court tells police was intriguing.

“If you cannot use your intelligence then atleast use your common sense while tracing missing people.”

I’m wondering if you can separate common sense from intelligence like that. Or maybe the court is referring to intelligence as in “intelligence networks” or equivalent.

Anyway, the issue with the term “common sense” is that it’s hard to define. Is it related to logic or analysis or both? People say, “Use your common sense,” or “he or she doesn’t have common sense”, but I’ve never heard anyone define the term. It’s one of those things that you’re supposed to understand–it’s common sense.

Maybe common sense refers to things that you are supposed to know by a certain age, that most people of or past that age would know. Or it’s stuff that you are supposed to be able to work out if you’re of a certain age. I think the age factor is important because you wouldn’t tell a 2-year-old that he or she doesn’t have common sense. He doesn’t have enough life experience to know better about some of the things he does. So, common sense is also related to life experience, which in a way comes with age.

I don’t really know, I’m just thinking aloud because that quote in the news item got me thinking. Maybe you think this is all nonsense.

What is your understanding of common sense?


Your thoughts?

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