Cinderella can still call Bangalore home

From today’s Deccan Herald Gorge till midnight, stop guzzling early:

Beginning with immediate effect, hotels and restaurants in the city will now remain open till midnight. But patrons at bars and pubs will continue to be served drinks only till 11:30 pm.

… According to a decision taken by the state administration on Tuesday, all movie theatres, including multiplexes, would now screen movies through four shows — 11:15 am (morning show), 2:30 pm (afternoon show), 6:15 pm (evening show) and 8:30 pm (night show).

However, if a film runs a longer time, theatre owners will be permitted to get half-an-hour to wrap up the movie by 11:30 pm. The new timings will come into effect from May 22 in the city.

In today’s AYSM moment, our home minister explains why they don’t want to extend the timings for pubs / bars.

Asked why the Government was against extending closure time for pubs and bars, Acharya said after the serial bomb blast in Bangalore in July last year, security was being tightened in the city. “We do not want to take any chance. So, we have decided not to extend the closing time for bars and pubs,” he stated.

So, it’s okay for restaurants, some of which serve alcohol, to be open till 12.00 but not pubs? What about the security for people who are coming out from restaurants? And, aren’t there more restaurants in Bangalore than pubs anyway? I’m not sure if this is a roundabout way of moral policing because we do know the BJP’s stand on “pub culture” as they call it.

Also, instead of ensuring better security and proper intelligence mechanisms, it is easier to curtail freedoms. It was a similar logic, earlier, that was used to explain the ban on women working in night shifts.

Notice also that nothing has been said about the live music ban, which I guess is still in effect. It’s really difficult to provide security to people who are drunk on music or music and alcohol.

The issue here is not about whether a pub can be open or not. It’s about allowing people the freedom to be able to live their lives without being subject to arbitrary rules under the guise of “security” practices.

P.S. Why Cinderella? Because of the “must return home by midnight” clause.

P.P.S: AYSM – Are you shittin’ me? is a term borrowed from the movie Sweet Home Alabama.


2 thoughts on “Cinderella can still call Bangalore home

  1. From the original article :

    “Many multiplexes in the city screen movies till 12.30 am, starting the night show at 10 pm. Also, some of them have five shows a day. The government’s rationale is that curtailing the movie timings would go a long way to protect late movie-goers from the depredations of criminal elements.”

    Kind of funny to read the last statement – Instead of putting the bad guys behind bars, they’re asking people to stop going out after midnight. What happens if the bad folks start mugging at 10 PM?

    Ah well, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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