The wife is always right

Today’s Deccan Herald brings news from the highest court in the land in Bow down to your wives’ diktat: SC.

If you want to buy matrimonial peace just do whatever your wife says. This is not a piece of advice from a marriage counsellor, rather it is from the Supreme Court.

A vacation bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Deepak Verma observed: “Bibi joh boltee hai woh sunno (listen to whatever your wife says), otherwise it could land you in trouble. Because if you do not listen to her, you will suffer the consequences. “Hum sab bhogi hai (we are all sufferers),” the bench said in a lighter vein.

As anyone who’s been married will tell you, listening to one spouse, wife or husband, is not a key to matrimonial peace. Ice-cream and chocolate is — just kidding. But, back to our judges who manage to drop an even bigger bombshell:

The bench further said a husband has to accept the suggestion of a wife irrespective of the fact whether it is sensible or not.

“Today, you eat off the floor,” she says.

“Ohh fantastic,” he says, “Eating rasam will be such fun.”

“I think a tie will go well with your T-shirt,” she says.

“You are so forward-thinking,” he says, brimming with pride.

The scary part of this nugget of wisdom is that it comes from the Supreme Court, the big daddy of courts in India. For judges from there to offer such advice is not good news for any of us.

In other unrelated news, marriage bureaus went out of business by this afternoon. People are now opting for live-in relationships and calling themselves partners.

Sorry to cut this short but I think the partner is calling.


3 thoughts on “The wife is always right

  1. Неоднократно доводилось читать подобные посты на англоязычных блогах, но это не значит что ваш пост мне не понравился

  2. I think the SC is right to a certain extent esp, since it works in my favour ;). Anyways, I’m sure ice cream and chocolate go the distance.

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