Ominous rules for the IT amendment act

Giving in to prior restraint is Sevanti Ninan’s article on the sweeping powers the government wants to arm itself with in the name of, what else, national security.

Is civil society mounting enough of a fight against the extraordinary powers Mr Raja’s ministry is arming itself with? The rules being framed for the IT (Amendment Act) 2008 are ominous.

Here are some of the things that the government wants to do.

  • Intercept email, under section 69 of the Act.
  • Block websites and web content, under section 69A.
  • Monitor and collect traffic data relating to a website, in the name of ensuring cyber security, and foiling cyber security incidents. Under section 69B.

Pass this on. We shouldn’t let lawmakers give themselves sweeping powers in the name of national security.


2 thoughts on “Ominous rules for the IT amendment act

  1. Funny to read about intercepting email and monitoring what’s sent through cyberspace – In any case, the age old hand-delivered letters / post / courier service are still secure. :-) Why don’t they think of that as well? God, in the name of national security, our folks go paranoid!

  2. I’m not sure if postal service is secure — the govt. could intercept if needed I would think. Plus, the reliablity of the postal service isn’t that great. And, couriers too may be intercepted. You never know.

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