Michael Jackson R.I.P.

I think the last time I really paid attention to the music that Michael Jackson had created was when he released the Dangerous album. I wasn’t as impressed by that album like I was by his earlier music.

When I was in school, I remember really being into Jackson Five (greatest hits is the album I had I think), listening to Thriller and Bad but the interest in his music somewhat died down after that. At that period in my life, he was unquestionably my favourite musician / singer.

It’s sad to realize that he was at his peak so many years ago and that the celebrity aspect of his life dominated over the music aspect. But, whatever his legacy later on in his life, the early years were simply brilliant. He was a magnificient singer and dancer and essentially one of the great pop stars.

When I think about the Michael Jackson who gave us songs like Beat It, Thriller, Man in the Mirror, Billy Jean, to name a few, I feel sad that he’s gone.


Your thoughts?

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