Charity begins at home, the CM’s that is

I saw this news item in the newspaper today (Deccan Herald 15 July 2009) and could not resist. Excerpts with special emphasis from yrstruly.

For works at the CM’s official residence ‘Anugraha’ on Kumara Krupa road, the present government has spent a sum of Rs 10.50 lakh, while the estimated expenditure for renovating his other residence on Race Course Road is a whopping Rs 1.32 crore!

The work at Anugraha includes supplying and fixing brass hardware, pump and motor repairs, internal painting, renovation of kitchen, extension of portico, and construction of servants’ quarters…

At the CM’s Race Course Road residence, the renovation includes 21 works, including construction of a compound wall, fixing windows, wall papers, wall designs in the master bedroom and construction of two more rooms.

Where do I start? Do all our CMs get two houses or is it only this CM? And Rs. 1.32 crore for renovations? That’s like one really nice flat that you can buy in a posh area in Bangalore. And they’re fixing windows in the house because the house didn’t have windows before?

Finally, wall papers and wall designs. Dear CM, meet paint; paint, meet our CM. Also, if you must use wall designs, buy and hang up some paintings of local artists and help promote their work.

But, to show that in Karnataka we don’t discriminate…

The renovations at RDPR minister Shobha Karandlaje’s official residence on Kumara Krupa Road has been estimated at Rs 18.45 lakh. The estimate for providing ultra design granite tiles over the pathway alone is Rs 4 lakh!

What in Wormtail’s name are “ultra design granite tiles” and why do we need them over the pathway? They may fall on someone and crack a skull or two.

But seriously, no jacket required: Need your house repaired, or, better yet, renovated? — Become a politician.

It pays to serve the public.


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