Dr. Sudhir Kakar on the recent judgment (Section 377)

This interview of Dr. Sudhir Kakar in today’s Deccan Herald (by Devika Sequeira) is worth reading. Dr. Kakar speaks a lot of sense about the issue of homosexuality in India and provides some historical context as well. I especially liked his answer to to the following question (emphasis mine).

How do you respond to the extreme view often put out that homosexuality is against the order of nature?

Sexuality, like everything else human, partakes not only of nature but also of culture. We do not eat, sleep, work or whatever else, naturally. Any one who fasts, because of his religious convictions or for other reasons, is going against the ‘order of nature.’

If by order of nature, it is meant that homosexuals do not procreate, then celibate Catholic priests and nuns, ascetic yogis and sadhvis, by refusing to procreate are also going against the order of nature and are equally culpable.

Bravo. We need more such sane, scientific voices to be heard rather than the shrill, loud voices that always try to drown out the sane ones.

Do read the full interview.


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