Have we been Bengaluru-d?

I’m still not sure if the official name change from Bangalore to Bengaluru (or Bengalooru) has been completed, done and dusted, finito. I’ve seen some places change the name but some haven’t yet done so and it’s not clear if the name change has been made official.

Which is weird given the amount of hype that the initial announcement created. I even wonder if I missed the announcement of the official name change being completed.

Anyone know if the change has been done?


4 thoughts on “Have we been Bengaluru-d?

  1. First, let me answer your question

    1-> The name is NOT officially cleared by the central govt. why? because they have a problem with changing Belgaum’s name to Belagaavi. The state government is not ready to change the other names leaving only belgaum behind. Hence the delay in decision.

    2-> I take offense to a lot of things you say, but well.. I am all for free speech, so it’s fine!

    3-> Nice writing though.

  2. Sandesh: Thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t know why the whole thing was being held up.

    Regarding taking offense to a lot of things I say, please do comment and share your opinion. I’m also for free speech and I’d love to get a discussion going.

    (But really, a lot of things. And I thought I was a moderate kind of blogger!)

  3. only airlines seem to have done that. i remember typing ‘ba’ in a website and waiting for the interface to autocomplete [while trying to book flight tkts].. but it didnt even show bangalore as an option.. then i figured they’d changed the name to bengaluru. even the airport is called bengaluru intl. airport.

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