Flying through Paris no piece of cake

This story in today’s Deccan Herald was disturbing. The gist is that a couple, who wanted to visit their son in Finland, were detained in Paris and deported to India, ostensibly without a clear-cut reason.

Agriculturist K N Ashok Kumar (59) from Hassan and his 45-year old wife Meenakshi Amma set out on August 25 from BIA airport planning for a one-month stay at Tampere in Finland with their son. Plans went for a toss the minute they landed at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, from where they had to take a connecting flight to Finland.

It must have been quite an ordeal for the elderly couple. Expecting to see their son, instead they’re detained in a foreign country where they probably didn’t know the language as well.

Ironically, Air France has been advertising in Deccan Herald frequently about their new service, especially that you can get high-quality vegetarian food on their flights now. Presumably, earlier all one got was escargot with Brie, hold the escargot. (Note: I am not sure if the couple in question used Air France.)

Now, people flying Air France to other destinations will have to use Paris as a hub. If the French immigration authorities cause problems, they’ll (people) just switch to other carriers. Parents flying to visit their children, especially first-timers, will think twice about using the airline.

If Air France is trying to improve business, maybe they should speak to the French government about not scaring people away.


2 thoughts on “Flying through Paris no piece of cake

  1. This is interesting. Air France is already in blacklist for most due to couple of incidents in recent past (indian origin travelers not being treated equally on flight delays and the crash). I have employees specifically asking not to book on Air France even when it was the better flight (on timing or transit delays). This is going to make things worse for Air France.

  2. I hadn’t heard of the other incidents that you mention but you’re right, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Airline travel is hard enough with the food, transit delays, jet lag, etc. – adding more stress -> not a good idea.

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