Keith Floyd RIP

When Star TV first came to India, one of the interesting programs that used to be aired was a program called Floyd on Oz. It featured Keith Floyd, a chef, who went around the country cooking different dishes.

What I remember about his show was that he had an informal style, he’d drink wine or beer when he was cooking, and he’d cook outside the kitchen a lot. Along with Yan can Cook, Floyd’s show was one of the two shows that I really enjoyed watching. (I guess that explains my interest in watching Bourdain, Emeril, and other cooking shows now.)

What was most fun about Floyd’s show was that you always felt that he genuinely enjoyed what he was doing and it made for good TV. He had that cheerful, enthusiastic style and it was endearing.

Keith Floyd passed away on 14 September. He was 65. Coincidentally, I was watching a rerun of his show on Jaipur (Floyd on India series) the next day, without having read the news that he’d passed away. Rest in peace, Mr. Floyd.


3 thoughts on “Keith Floyd RIP

  1. Oh.. I did not even know that he passed away!. He was a fun guy , cooking in the most informal way. All serious cooks would wonder at the way he was throwing things into the pot and turning out some dish with a relish.

    I will miss him too.

    BTW the new look is really good. I want that look for my blog too..:-)

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