Write to authors whose books you enjoy

(Gets on soapbox) If you read a book that you like, take a few minutes and send a note to the author. Most likely, you’ll be able to find the author’s email address quite easily now-a-days. (There are some authors who don’t list their information and if you like their book a lot, you can always write to the publisher.)

My point in telling you about all this is that writing is a terrifically lonely business and writing a book, any book, is hard work. So, if you read a book that you appreciate, take a few minutes of your time to tell the author about it. They will, in all likelihood, be happy to know that you enjoyed their book.

While you’re at it, don’t expect a response. Some authors do respond but some may not be able to. You’re not writing for a response anyway, right?

I’ve written to authors quite a few times and I always feel nice about it, so that’s another reason to do it. I suppose that I could write more to more authors though.

P.S. This goes for other writers as well as bloggers but that feedback can be given via comments now-a-days, which is why I didn’t explicitly mention them.


Your thoughts?

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