Exhibition of Mario de Miranda’s cartoons

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists is currently displaying Mario Miranda’s cartoons at No. 1, Midford House, off M.G. Road. (This place is in the lane next to the Kids Kemp on MG Road.) The exhibition is on up to 24 October 2009.

I went there today and it was a really nice exhibition of his work, from stuff he’d done when he was younger (his diaries) to his more contemporary stuff with everything in between. I had forgotten about Miranda’s cartoons that used to appear in a magazine — I can’t remember which, it may have been Illustrated Weekly — with the characters Miss Fonseca and Miss Nimbupani who I had completely forgotten about. Those cartoons were brilliant and it was fun to relive a few of them.

Mario, like all great cartoonists, has a unique style and you can recognize his cartoons the instant you see them. (One interesting thing was that some of the work displayed at the exhibition were slightly different from his “regular” work, which was a nice surprise.)

The other great thing about the exhibition is that you can buy some of his cartoons and other work – there are small postcards, covers, collections, and bigger stuff that you can frame. And, it’s not all that expensive either, at least I didn’t think it was. I got a couple of things and I’m looking forward to framing them.

If you liked Miranda’s work, don’t miss the exhibition; it’ll be worth your while.


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