A Bangalore without water?

Today’s Deccan Herald had this on the front page: City may become unliveable in 5 years.

In yet another alarming projection of the city’s water situation, scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore have predicted that the already depleted water resources of the city could dry up within the next five years.

Increasing built-up area, rising temperature, rapidly depleting greenery and over-exploitation of ground water are threatening to render the city dry and dead, according to a recent study by IISc’s Energy and Wetland Group at the Centre for Ecological Sciences.

It’s not surprising news to anyone who’s seen Bangalore change in just the last six or seven years but the situation is grim. Just take a look at the numbers.

Between 1973 and 2006, the city’s ecological degradation was 66 percent. That is huge. But gathering pace, in the last two years (between 2007 and 2009), the city’s vegetation cover fell alarmingly from 28 per cent to 16 per cent — from 19, 696 hectares it has dwindled to just 11,153 hectares area within a short span of time,” the scientist explained.

The fact that this study has come from the IISc should at least get it noticed. Whether it will get people to change their habits is a different question altogether.

Do a simple thing tomorrow – notice how many times you leave the tap running when you’re washing your hands, taking a bath, or washing dishes. Just observe what you’re doing and maybe what others around you are doing. The water that’s wasted is literally water down the drain.

According to the 2001 census, we had 5.8 million people in Bangalore. You do the math on how much water you think is just wasted. I’m not saying that this is the only reason for the problems that we face regarding the water situation, but this is something you can directly control.

Drops of water, ocean or something like that.


Your thoughts?

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