Alicia’s Story – Part 2

Close to five years ago, I’d written about a copy editor named Alicia Parlette – she had been diagnosed with cancer and had written about it for the San Francisco chronicle. (Link to previous post). She was only 23 at the time.

I am ashamed to say that though I’d written about her and thought about following up, I never did. Today, one of Alicia’s friends wrote to me saying:

she recently wound up back in the hospital. Her health is declining precipitously and her friends are trying to drive traffic and donations to Given that you wrote about her a while ago, I thought you might be interested.

If you want to know more, the website is If you can help with a donation towards Alicia’s hospital costs, you can do so here. There’s also a Facebook group, and a Twitter page, where Alicia posts updates.

I hope that Alicia’s able to recover from this setback and get better. Get well soon Alicia.

— Updated on April 25, 2010 —

I just found out the sad news that Alicia Parlette passed away on April 22nd. My condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace Alicia.


3 thoughts on “Alicia’s Story – Part 2

  1. Can you confirm that this is a legit site? The actual site ( appears to contain all regurgitated news feeds and the bio is essentially stuff you can pull off the internet by Googling her name. There is no real contact information or anyones name associated with the site which has a private domain registration and is actually forwarded to a private web account. It seems like her family would have done this differently if it was legit…mainly having donation sent to a fund set up at a bank even the email address on the paypal account doesn’t seem right.

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