Moving my other blog here

In case you didn’t know, I blog at two places – here and here. It’s become increasingly difficult to maintain both blogs, so I’ve decided to quit blogging. Ha. You wish. Like I’ll let off my four — yes, yes, it increased — readers that easily.

Jokes aside, I’m moving my other blog (All About Users) out here and I’ll continue blogging at this blog. What that means is that you’ll get even more confused about what this blog is about and hopefully, on a more positive note, more posts.

I’ve continued blogging because I’ve something to say and I figure that as long as it is interesting, it shouldn’t matter what the subject is — people will read the stuff. That, and I like to blather on about a lot of different topics.

Also, I figure that people who aren’t interested in reading certain posts can do just that – ignore those posts. So, I hope you won’t mind the change and will in fact enjoy the blog more.

I apologize for the inconvenience and if you have any problems or concerns, please leave a comment or write to me.


Your thoughts?

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