Dreams in Prussian Blue

Disclosure: The author of Dreams in Prussian Blue, Paritosh Uttam, is a friend, so take whatever I say with a pinch of iodized salt.

Dreams in Prussian Blue (DiPB) is the story of the relationship between a promising young painter, Michael, and his girlfriend and patron, Naina. When an accident causes Michael to lose his eyesight, Naina is forced to make some tough choices. What these choices are and how it affects their relationship is the meat of the book. The author also introduces the back story – how Naina and Michael meet – at regular intervals through the book.

DiPB is a nicely told story, it moves at the right pace, and the suspense keeps you interested throughout. I read a short review in the Deccan Herald saying that the novel’s pace was slow, but I couldn’t disagree more — I felt that the pace was perfect. Also, the book was a light read and enjoyable.

One thing that many first-time and some experienced authors get wrong is that their characters feel flat (cardboard characters) and not real. Not so with DiPB — the characters in the book feel like real people, which isn’t an easy thing to pull off. In addition, you think about the protagonist, Naina, after you’ve finished the book.

So, while I bought Paritosh’s first book because he’s a friend, I’ll buy his second book because I enjoyed his first. I’m looking forward to reading what he comes up with the next time.


Your thoughts?

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