The power of F11*

{* — F11 because it is the shortcut you use (usually) to view a document or web page in Full screen mode. Also available through View -> Full Screen in the Menu bar.}

I’ve discovered recently that if I view a document or a web page in full screen mode, I tend to pay more attention and am distracted less easily. I also noticed that I don’t jump around as much and focus on what’s in front of me — instead of multi-tasking, I am single-tasking multiple tasks.

At first, it is a bit disconcerting in full-screen mode, but now I like it better than the normal mode. When I am in FS mode — and I must confess that this is not as often as I’d like — I do find the overall experience less frantic. (I’m specifically thinking of web browsing here, because I’m a multiple-tab kind of guy and seeing other tabs open makes it tempting and easier to jump, especially when attention wavers even a little.) Using the FS mode seems to slow and quiet things down.

If you’re a multi-tasking, multiple windows kind of person, then try using applications in full screen mode — it’s worked for me, it may work for you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a multi-tab hit.

P.S. You may have read about how using full-screen text editors (e.g. JDarkRoom) is helpful — this is just a way of using full-screen in other applications.


Your thoughts?

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