What Gmail did when I forgot an attachment

I wrote the email, hit Send, and Gmail threw this message box out.

When you forget an attachment with Gmail

I am sure that most of us have done this at some point — mention that you’re sending an attachment in an email and forget to attach the file. I love that someone in the Gmail team decided to do something about it.

When an application does something that helps you, it makes you warm and fuzzy, — so, it’s just me then? — and in this case, grateful. So, thanks Gmail developer, whoever you are.

Just to make the user experience better, I’d have preferred the OK and Cancel buttons to be replaced by Send and Don’t Send. I had to re-read the message to be sure and then choose Cancel.

Still, I’m happy about what the Gmail team did right. Bravo.

Epilogue: The email was sent with the attachment.


Your thoughts?

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