The new year feels old already

2010 flew by so fast and we’re already 9 days into 2011, and it feels like an old year already. Maybe it’s just deja vu — this does happen every year, no?

I’m not sure if I’ll look back on 2010 a few years later and remember it differently, but right now I can’t say that I’m unhappy that we’re in 2011.

Sorry for the radio silence from my end. I wish that there were a compelling reason why I am not posting regularly, but it’s a combination of just being busy with other stuff, i.e. non-Internet life, and sometimes not having much to say. I have definitely reduced the amount of time that I spend online, and spending time doing other things is nice. Who’d have thought it, eh — that there this a whole other world offline?

Happy New Year 2011 by the way. May your 2011 be bright and shiny, just like the sunshine over Bangalore at the moment.


Your thoughts?

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