Bangalore’s summers get a new dimension

I’ve been in Bangalore for more than a decade and yet I can’t remember a Bangalore summer like this. The ceiling fan chops hot air on to you, the mattress seems to radiate heat and yet the temperature is not in the mid-40s. I read an article in Deccan Herald a few weeks ago where one of the weather folks was explaining that the pollution in the city is not allowing the heat to escape thus making Bangalore much hotter than the temperature would suggest.

So far, it has been a miserable summer, and the only respite has been some spells of rain here and there. Even when that happens, the cooling doesn’t seem to last very long–it’s back to hot weather the next day.

Rapid urbanization, the explosion in cars and vehicles, the unnecessary usage of A/C units–I think all of these have been a major factor in changing Bangalore’s climate. And, I fear that this is going to get worse not better because I don’t see people changing lifestyles to reduce the amount of power they consume, to reduce vehicle usage, and so on. Heck, it’s the opposite; I personally know 2 people who have bought A/C units in the last two weeks. Think of it as more CO2 being pumped into that “great big sewer in the sky” (as Franke James would probably say) from the coal we’re burning to get our electricity.

We need to solve this problem but I am afraid we’re not going to start making changes until it’s too late. Now, if you’ll excuse me I will go and dunk my head in a bucket of water.


Your thoughts?

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