This is a first attempt at collecting the articles that I’ve* written and that are available online. It’s not an exhaustive list but a representative one. This, like everything else in life, is a work in progress.

In no particular order, except in the order that they are listed, here goes:

Technology (I.T. Magazine)

These are articles that I wrote for I.T. magazine on technology (what else?). These articles are now available online but the formatting in some cases isn’t that great. I did warn you.

Technology (BenefIT Magazine)

I’ve written a series of articles for BenefIT magazine for a section called Exec Brief. The point of the Exec Brief is to explain a concept (800 words or so) for business executives who may not be familiar with said concept. These articles are not yet available online, but maybe in the future.

  • Total Cost Of Ownership (Nov 2008)
  • Social Bookmarking: Saving and sharing your bookmarks on the Internet (Sep 2008)
  • Portable Applications: Applications that you can carry and use whereever you go (Aug 2008)
  • Repeated Strain Injuries(Jul 2008)
  • VoIP: A cost-effective way to make telephone calls (Jun 2008)
  • Web Feeds(May 2008)
  • SMS 2.0: SMS that is visually righ, dynamic, and interactive (Apr 2008)
  • Linux: The free operating system that could work for you (Mar 2008)
  • Mobile Enterprise Dashboards(Feb 2008)
  • Wiki: Create and edit the content of your websites easily (Jan 2008)
  • Digital Asset Management(Dec 2007)

CharityFocus Profiles

Profiles of a couple of Charity Focus volunteers. This was fun to do and I did the interviews over email.


  • Freelancing in India: My first article related to writing published on a website. This gave me worldwide (read: two people) acclaim.
  • How to use Google Effectively: An article about Google with a decided slant towards writers with Lord of the Rings references.
  • Seek and Ye Shall Find: About Google for technical writers–a tad dry if you ask me. (This article was the basis for the other article on Google.)
  • Technical Writing Unraveled: Article for writers on how to get started in technical writing.


Warning: Humour is known to be harmful to work environments.

Non-Fiction (Busted Halo)

I wrote a series of articles for and it was a fun experience. I also had a wonderful editor who really made these pieces so much better.

Technology (Computers@Home/Living Digital)

I wrote these articles for Living Digital, way back when it was called Computers@Home. Another editor who improved my writing, especially since I was a newbie to the whole “article writing” thingamie.

Updated 04-Sep-2007: The links for this section seems to be broken, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that the magazine did publish these articles.

  • Speed Demon: Way back when Opera was not that well-known.
  • Get listed: About electronic mailing lists.
  • PC Tomorrow: A somewhat futuristic look at the PC.
  • New age radio: What else but Internet radio?
  • The Xbox Uncovered: I wrote about this and I still haven’t touched an X-box. No, haven’t touched it.
  • Faster, Better Word: Maybe some of these tips may help some of you.
  • Artificial Intelligence: My first article for a magazine was nothing short of a disaster. Except that I had this nice editor who chopped and changed and made it readable.

Th..Th..That’s all folks.

* — Some articles may be written under pseudonyms which may be confusing but that’s me in a nutshell–confusing. They’re my articles though.

PS: If you find any broken links, please let me know.

PPS: If you have come this far, you’re either related to me, or you’re slacking off at work–which in a roundabout way could mean that you’re related to me.

Last Updated: 12-Aug-2016

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  1. I was going through your article ‘Freelancing in India’. The first link in the Resources section leads to an invalid page, please check.

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